Summer's must have: miSimBeachBabe Image

by Shana-Kay Hart

Image this: You're laying on the beach (or poolside) with a swimwear that hugs your curves so sensually the sun dims with jealousy. Okay, to be honest these eye-popping pieces are near indescribable; they simply have this allure that pulls you closer with each glance taken. We caught up with designer Simone Michelle to find out a bit more about the ultimate miSimBeachBabe!

On the significance of the name of her brand:
SM: "The name itself came about Probably sometime in high school, around third form. I started out making bags and went by the name, MishcaMe (a nickname by my dad) but for some reason it didn't quite stick with me Lol and so somewhere along the line the actual name miSim; was created and it is a mix-up of Simmi and Miss Sim."

On who is a miSimBeachBabe:
SM: "
The ultimate beach lover! An avid sun, sand and sea lover. While the bikinis and monokinis are practical, they also make you feel kind of luxurious, because you're wearing handmade, artisan swimwear. So not only can you wear it to the beach every weekend, you can also dress it up with the miSimBeachBabe cover-ups for a fancier occasion."

On how she'd describe the style of her miSimBeachBabe: 
SM: "
Practical, but Chic and Flattering"

On what makes it different from other bathing suit designs:
SM: "Firstly, they are all reversible, so it’s like having two for the price of one. They're very versatile; depending on your mood you can wear most of them several different ways, and for different occasions as well, dressy or just an easy beach day. They're also handmade to perfection, once taken care of properly on the wearer’s part, they're sure to last many Sundays at the beach."

On what do she sees or hopes for the future for her brand:
SM: "International reach for sure. I also want to open a boutique but I'm not rushing into that just yet. I would love to open my own factory most importantly, because a lot of the goals I want to achieve can't be done efficiently as a one-woman show. I'm hoping to provide opportunities for other persons who are interested in the field and seek employment and/or a factory facility." 

You can read the entire article in Nirvana Magazine!

Learn more about miSimBeachBabe here!

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