icon The Jamaican Mermaid: Royanne DeSilva Ever wondered what life as a mermaid is like? To live freely, beyond borders as a citizen of the world? With twenty-five countries and counting under her belt, Royanne DeSilva, also known as the Jamaican Mermaid, allows her audience the opp...
icon UB40 Embraces Vocal Tranquility with 'Unplugged' and 'Greatest Hits' Compilations "This is the first time we've taken iconic UB40 tunes and done them in an acoustic style," says Ali Campbell. "It all sounds very fresh. It's completely unlike anything we've done before."...
icon The Rise of Nuwarhol Like many things in life looking to be defined, “art” is one that has varying interpretations. The dictionary tells us that art is a skill—in its display and application, art is an expression of creativity and imagination that produce...
icon Courtney John returns with 'Strangers' Meet Courtney John, the lovers rocker, that enigmatic, rare artist who comes along every once in a while, with uniqueness that simply radiates. His peers have called him a modern-day Slim Smith; some say he’s...
icon The vocal truth of RocStar Give her a pen, paper and a mic and this songbird is sure to melt you heart away. We caught up with the budding chanteuse, for an in-depth interview, in hopes of officially introducing her to the world....
icon Galavant Jewelry: A celebratory explosion of cultural pride Mirroring the braggadocious persona of Jamaican pop culture while channelling modern elegance, Galavant Jewelry has craved out a niche for themselves amongst the plethora of accessory houses while pushing the boundaries of fashion o...



icon Selah Marley wows with debut single 'Breathe'
icon Who's that GiRL?
icon Next Up: Fyah Roiall
icon Eesah effortlessly 'Run Ova Dem'
icon The melting pot of VP Records' 'Reggae Gold'
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