icon Ziggy Marley talks Marijuanna, Reggae's Evolution with Green Global Travel Recently sitting with Bret and Mary from Green Global Travel, Marley opened up about Marijuanna's legalisation and Reggae inevitable evolution throughout the years....
icon Will Jamaica’s Finest Reggae Artists Have a New Stage to Perform On in 2017? After social sharing platforms helped revolutionise the way people accessed music across the world it also meant that the market became saturated with a lot of substandard music. With many music fans deciding to spend their money on di...
icon Cali P soulfully chants for the 'Healing of the Nation' In Cali P’s inspiring EP, Healing of the Nation, as the name suggests he seeks to heal the nation with his authentic Reggae delivery. He has accurately captured the sound and nature of true/ authentic Reggae music with hi...
icon Jeramiah Ferrari; merging the sounds of yesteryear with the essence of today Not very often do you come across eclectic bands such as Jeramiah Ferrari; but the moment you do you simply can't help but watch/listen to them in awe. We recently caught up with the band after their supporting performance with UB40 to expl...
icon Muiravale Freetown propelling Italy's Reggae music to new heights Among the many interesting upcoming Italian Reggae bands, one to keep an eye on is definitely Muiravale Freetown. This band from Terracina has an interesting story behind them and a bright future is surely awaiting them in ...
icon Jah9 bites into the lighter side of life with 'Avocado' video Known for her thought-provoking lyricism and captivating vocal deliveries, Jah9 ventures onto a more playful and lighter side of her persona with fan-favourite Avocado. We caught up with the radiant beauty to find out more about the concept...



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