icon Teacha's Pet: Behind the Camera Starting this September, Jamaican television will never be the same. Jamaica's most controversial contemporary figure Vybz 'The Teacha' Kartel has done it again, shaking up standards and breaking boundaries with the advent of the nation's f...
icon Raging Fyah Keeps it Cool On August 7, as a half moon glistened across the sea's surface, ocean breezes wafted the silk and sand voice of Raging Fyah lead singer Kumar Bent along the shores of Wickie Wackie Beach, to the satisfaction of the some five hundred fans. ...
icon How to name a Riddim For many Jamaican producers, it begins with a riddim. 'Riddim' is the patois pronunciation of rhythm which typically alludes to an instrumental (version) in Jamaican music. In most cases a producer creates a riddim, whether one drop (cultur...
icon Mahima: Music for Life Entertainment for a Cause Jamaican Sunday evenings usually feature quiet time with family or friends. Sunday, October 2, was indeed a family atmosphere but it was far from quiet, as the, Lawns of the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel were laden with patrons from all over the is...
icon Smoking Jacket: Girl's Night Out Smokin' Jacket, one of Kingston's most well known event franchises, was true to the theme: Girls' Night Out an all female revue. Hosted by recording artiste Farenheit, the show saw friends and fans enjoying the chilled out vibe at the class...



icon Kojo Rigault - Loved Up
icon 'Reggae Music is a musical Bible' - Get to know Spiritual!
icon Reasoning with Macka B
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