Marley Movie to release on 4/20 The long awaited documentary on the life of Bob Marley entitled "Marley" is headed to theaters on 4/20.
icon Sweet Jamaica Album Launch Review Mr. Vegas' album launch saw the support of friends, family, fans and colleagues at Mango Ranch on March 6th. Although rain from earlier on in the evening posed some technical difficulties for organizers resulting in more than an hour delay ...
icon The Difference between Reggae and Dancehall A surge of Jamaican talent in the likes of the legendary Bob Marley, Toots, Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk and Gregory Issacs infiltrated international borders and introduced the world to a new genre, Reggae. Shortly after the world got a taste...
icon RDX video for "Always" and talks about Upcoming Album "Soul Poetry" With this new single comes a not so typical sound you would get from any Dancehall Artist / Group, especially those who rose to stardom came from core dancehall music. RDX however has recently released a song titled "Always" from their upco...
icon Sweet Jamaica Album Launch: 50 Years of Jamaican Music Vegas Style International Reggae-Dancehall Music star Mr. Vegas celebrates Jamaica's 50th Anniversary with a brand new double album that explores the past 50 years of music in the country.
icon Teacha's Pet: Behind the Camera Starting this September, Jamaican television will never be the same. Jamaica's most controversial contemporary figure Vybz 'The Teacha' Kartel has done it again, shaking up standards and breaking boundaries with the advent of the nation's f...



icon Duane Forest ready to change lives with 'The Climb'
icon Is It 'Too Late' For Jane Macgizmo?
icon Estelle lives happily with 'Love Like Ours'
icon Sevana shines in 'Losing Patience'
icon The Open Mind of Eli'Jah
icon Yashae pulls us closer with her 'Boomerang'
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