Terrorist Riddim Review Image

by Biko Kennedy

With echoing rim shots and sporadic organ-chords throughout the riddim's entirety, the Terrorist Riddim plays with undying authenticity to the backbone of classic Reggae music.

A production coming from the Ragga Meridional Crew, the tracklist may be some – holding only five songs – but does hold your attention effortlessly.

Perfect Giddimani makes it clear that Rastafari's eternal flames simply Cyaan Cool as Laza Morgan explains the possibilities of doing the extraordinary once "moving with Jah blessing" on Anything Possible. The Messenger himself, Luciano, warns us of the many Dangers lurking amongst us as we often go blind to the fact, Tizla asks us to open our eyes to the varying unnecessary tragedies plaguing the world on Emergency while I-Shack chants from the realms of the poor on Time So Hard.

Though it would have been great to see a larger tracklist, the riddim does play consistent with their theme of terrorist creating havoc on the world; with each artiste carry a strong message in their songs without stepping out of context.

Rating: 8/10

Perfect Giddimani - Cyaan Cool
Laza Morgan - Anything Possible
Luciano - Danger
Tizla - Emergency
I-Shack - Time So Hard

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