Rototom Sunsplash 2016 Day 8: A reassuring conclusion! Image

by Ferruccio, Gianluca, Giulio

The end of the festival arrived and caught us unprepared. We were ready to spend at least another week here, but we will be also happy to wait for the next Rototom’s edition. After the show all the members of the organisation went on the Main Stage to thank the people and they told us to have faith: the european reggae festival will be happy to welcome everybody next year in the same amazing and enjoyable location!

With a bit of sadness we moved from the camping to the concerts’ area, but we knew that even if it was the last night we were going to be truly happy at the end of it. Walking again between the various workshops, markets and stages, started to put us in the right mood.

The opening act was Max Romeo & the Charmax Band! This legend of reggae music came on stage applauded by thousands of people while singing One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward. He sang also War Ina Babylon and Selassie I Forever before leaving the stage and letting his two children Romario and Azana sing at his place. After a shy beginning they showed us to be very professional and talented voices, until Max Romeo came back to sing other hits such as Milk and Honey and then to conclude the show together with his children singing Chase the Devil.

Then it was turn of Yaniss Odua and Volodia from France, two rising stars who brought a sensational mix of roots reggae and french hip-hop. We recommend you to listen to Un pied sur Terre (2016) and Moment Ideal (2014)!

We were waiting for a great show by Freddie McGregor (and it was) but we didn’t expect the super performance made by his two children Chino and Di Genius, who made us jump like crazy on dancehall tunes. They arrived on stage all of a sudden surprising us with modern beats instead of the roots reggae we were waiting for, but we have to say that it was a much appreciated gift, as the crowd seemed to be very happy and surely didn’t complain about some more hectic dancing! Then it came also Freddie’s turn and he delighted us with legendary hits such as Push Comes to Shove and I Was Born a Winner.

Reminding us that the next Rototom Sunsplash will be dedicated to Africa, the place of our roots, Tiken Jah Fakoly from Ivory Coast came to give us some last good reggae vibes before the official end of the festival. His music is characterised by incisive songs about his country and Africans in general, with the aim of promote a political and cultural resurgence of the African continent. He collaborated with many famous reggae artists such as Steel Pulse and Dub Inc, to promote a better education not only in Ivory Coast but in many other African countries as well. He surely was the best artist to end this 2016 edition and look forward to August 2017.

After the concerts ended at the Main Stage we quickly took our stuff out of the locker, we went to put it in the car and we ran back as fast as we could, because Jamie Rodigan was setting the dance floor on fire and after all the night was still young…

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