Rototom Sunsplash 2016 Day 6: Manu Chao’s Sold Out! Image

by Ferruccio, Gianluca, Giulio

We saw more people than usual as soon as we woke up. We were going to have a very long night, because of the two main shows: Manu Chao on the Main Stage and Jah Shaka at the Dub Academy. 

The first finally accepted to play at Rototom after years of requests, the second is one of the names - Mad Professor, Channel One, Jamie Rodigan - that makes the Dub Academy more popular year by year. The sound system provided by Blackboard Jungle calls many people to feel the bass lines in all their quality.

The evening began with a great live of Tarrus Riley featuring Dean Fraser at the saxophone and Alaine at the vocals. Enriched by sensational sax lines and great voice, songs as Rebel, She’s Royal and Good Girl Gone Bad were a good treatment for our ears.

Just before Manu Chao, we assisted to the debut of Biga Ranx, french toaster whose music is deeply inspired by dub, electro and dancehall. He kept the positive energy in the audience while going towards a super end. His latest release is Nightbird (2015).

Manu Chao did a spectacular performance, he played for more than two hours! The 23rd edition of the Rototom Sunsplash was also honoured to host who realised the first remarkable sold-out in festival’s history. With his never boring - just think of Clandestino - mix of punk, balcan, ska and reggae, he did the most powerful show so far. After Damian’s audio troubles we didn’t trust in the sound system’s capacities anymore, but in the end Manu came to use it properly. He played all the greatest hits, some Mano Negra’s songs and other tunes - King Kong five - of his early career. Nandu Popu of Sud Sound System came on stage to sing a song with Manu, met just the day before at the restaurant. In his first time here Manu Chao was entertained and he entertained us all with a super concert, making us jump from the beginning to the end.

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