Rototom Sunsplash 2016 Day 4: When the stars come back Image

by Ferruccio, Gianluca, Giulio

It was impressive to see thousands of fans gathering at the entrance long before the official start. Many came just to see Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley back at the Rototom after three years. By the way, he was spotted near the Dancehall stage in 2015, chatting and chilling with the people.

The first one to walk on stage was Pablo Moses, remembered for his 1978 album Revolutionary Dream. He performed great hits such as Ready, Aim, Fire and Born to be Bad, warming up the audience long before the climax of the night was reached.

Then it was turn of Ziggi Recado from Netherlands, who kept the rhythm high and performed a terrific show. However, the real positive mood has been reached when Jah9 entered on the stage. Her beautiful voice, together with the power of her lyrics, walked us on a musical journey that we will hardly forget. Feeling Irie is the song that describes more what we were experiencing in the pit. Brothers, Preacher Man and a Lennon’s quote of Imagine, she sensually sang Avocado, conquered our hearts with Revolution Lullaby  before concluding with A New Day.

Finally, the much awaited star: Damian Marley. He entered on the stage dancing on the cover of Bob’s Sun Is Shining, then he dropped Make It Bun Dem for the joy of everyone. It was still just the beginning when we noticed, unfortunately, some problems with the sound system of the Main Stage. While Damian was performing all the most beloved tunes for the audience - Dispear, Land of Promise, Shoot Out - the volume became lower all of a sudden, affecting the sound quality very much. We were sorry not to enjoy properly the show and even Jr. Gong had the sensation there was some trouble, his voice had not the expected power. He proposed a solution to all of us singing the War / No More Trouble medley. Although the troubles seemed to persist, Damian surely brought a positive mood back. After he played for one hour and a half he started to conclude his performance, going away on the notes of Could You Beloved. The audience asked for an encore and Jr. Gong kindly played some more reggae for us, beloved tunes such as Get Up, Stand Up, Road to Zion  and Welcome to Jamrock.

We would like to mention also the lovely Sistah Awa - What’s Your Problem, The Right Remedy - and the talented Attila from Italy. Their performances on the Showcase Stage stopped many people already on their way to sleep.

Even if at about 5 am there was a black out in the whole festival’s area, Attila didn’t stop his concert and started singing a cappella with the audience. We will meet him the day after for a quick talk about his third time at the Rototom Sunsplash, still happy he played on one of the biggest stages here. The 2016 is a year full of new collaborations, in particular with Lampadread from One Love HI Powa crew. He aims to play on the Main Stage for the next edition, hopefully switching to a performance with musicians instead of the sound system. He surely showed to capture the audience’s ears and to be confident in the eventual difficult moments while on stage. 

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