Rototom Sunsplash 2016 Day 3: What a night! Image

by Ferruccio, Gianluca, Giulio

The festival’s area was already lively when we arrived, masses came early for today’s guests!

We assisted to an outstanding opening act by Kabaka Pyramid. Grew up in the nineties listening to the best Dancehall, he decided to teach us something about it! Foundation, Warrior, All for One, with just few tunes he got us all. We loved the dubstep influences he put in the show, playing an amazing intro to Koro-Fyah, with whom he played Worldwide Love.

At the press conference he told us about his youth, when he listened to Gospel with his mother and then Reggae inspired him. The idea of love and spirituality connecting each one to an higher being is what’s guiding his artistic production in all directions. Then Dada Yute showed up to make Kabaka a question: “Will you come to Brasil to help us sharing the message?”. The answer is to be found in “that kind of evolution Reggae is”, which connects us all and gives us the chance to be in places like Rototom, already a good platform for both old and new talents.

The second guest was Meta, who made a terrific live with The Cornerstones. For his first time at the Rototom Sunsplash festival, this african artist is going to be followed more and more in the next years. He’s on the way to release a new album, meanwhile consider that the previous Ancient Power (2013) was given many top 10 rating worldwide!

We met him after the show and he confessed us how overwhelmed he was by playing in such setting. He surely showed us to perform live as good as major artists such as Alpha Blondy and other african reggae representatives.

Just after the usual dj set by Freddy Krueger, we were ready for the last two great artists on the Main Stage: Morgan Heritage and Alborosie!

The band from Usa entered on stage a little late due to soundcheck problems, but as soon as they entered on stage the crowd stopped complaining and started dancing happily. Strictly Roots, Jah Love and Wanna Be Loved, since 1994 Morgan Heritage is “happy to share Reggae with you all”.

It was impossible to hide a certain Italian pride while Alborosie entered the stage. Given the honour of the closing act one again, Puppa Albo played all his greatest hits for us: Herbalist, Poser, Police, Rastafari Anthem. Between the tunes he let the musicians keep the very good vibes, so we heard quotes of Pink Floyd and jazzy improvisations. As soon as the audience looked tired Albo shouted “wake up and don’t sleep”, and jumped here and there on the stage while singing Still Blazing and some of his early ska tunes. He played for almost two hours and gave us the goodnight with Kingston Town.

When we were on our way to the exit we couldn’t resist the call of Dub. Mad Professor was at the console to play the last positive vibes of the day. This year the Dub Academy seems to be much more frequented than during the past editions, we can hardly wait to witness the presence of Jah Shaka on Thursday 18!

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