Machu Ezra gets nostalgic with 'Crooked Smile' Image

by Biko Kennedy

If you're a lover of 90's reggae wrapped with a R&B twist, you'll fall in love immediately with Machu Ezra's 'Crooked Smile'.

JaMusic: Why go the route of classic 90's Reggae feel for this single?
ME: For me I think the 90s genre of music has always felt the best. Everything about production in the 90s had a groove to it. I'm a lover of RnB but this time I wanted to tap into the reggae side because when I wrote the song it had this swing to it that I knew would match perfectly with a reggae sound and BVD ONE being the musical genius knew exactly how to bring this song to life. 

JaMusic: What is the story behind the single 'Crooked Smiles'?
ME: Crooked Smile is about a man who is with a woman but caught on to her ulterior motives, but If you listen to the song in it's entirety you'll realize it's really a cry for help because he's in way too deep and is already in love but he some what likes being used. 
"I Love you... you are MY gold digger" Possession - "MY" - although it's bad she is still his. 

JaMusic: Your sound is unique and consistent and not the typical coming Jamaica. Is this intentional? If yes, why?
ME: I wouldn't say it is intentional, this is just naturally me. No matter what I always bring Ezra to the table, I can't help it. So I'm open to every genre because I know no matter what it will always be authentic to my sound and people will respect it but I can't help but put out the songs that feel the most me for my projects.

JaMusic: As artistes evolve they tend to pull influences from every and anything. How would you describe your evolution as an artiste since you've entered the musical landscape to making the single 'Crooked Smile'?
ME: I am heavily influenced by RnB. That is my home but reggae music has also been a huge ambassador in my life. Its funny because I like to make RnB music but when I go out reggae music is what I want to hear the most. So my evolution of music started out as strictly RnB but now the blend of these two loves have come together to form a sound that is dynamic, influential and unpredictable and I love every minute of it. Everyday I feel something new. 

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