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by Biko Kennedy

Give her a pen, paper and a mic and this songbird is sure to melt you heart away. We caught up with Estelle to explore her musical journey thus far, her frame of mind presently and her upcoming album led by the Tarrus Riley-assisted Love Like Ours.

JAMusic: Arguably every publication who’ll interview you about your upcoming Reggae album will ask “Why a Reggae album?” and you’ll respond saying “It’s just perfect timing.” Where are you emotionally right now in your life that is aligning your creativity in this direction?
E: I started this album way before the current wave of reggae music being popular (indeed all of my albums have had at least one reggae or reggae influence record on it). Emotionally I’m in an “everything has to be easy” space as in I don't want to overthink it, approach, sound, I want to do what comes EASIEST to me.

JAMusic: How important is it for you to make the separation from riding the waves of Afrobeats and truly being a fan of and growing up on Afro-Caribbean songs.
E: It’s not. People will think what they want, real fans will know it’s not the wave. I just care about making music that I love and feel, which has been the core and consistency of my career.

JAMusic: You're an 80s baby and grew up hearing Reggae and Dancehall music on a consistent basis, how will your musical influences from your childhood days compound when you are sitting to write the songs for this project and record it?
E: Yes, I’m an 80’s baby - literally born in 1980. Reggae, African music, Pop, Dancehall, Soca - that’s all I grew up listening to. It’s evident when you play an album - it’s never just one style of genre.

JAMusic: Apart from them being timeless, what drew you to all the artistes that influence your sound?
E: The music. I enjoyed their songs first of all. I want to be a part or recreate or add to an already existing song style.

JAMusic: How do you think your childhood characteristics are reflected in your current status in the industry today?E: I was always very private and quiet as a kid. Smart. Well spoken. Thinker. I’m the same way today - I generally don’t like to talk a bunch of nonsense online or in interview just to talk. I appreciate that words have power and like to use then accordingly, also I’m not a fan of invasion of privacy.

JAMusic:  “Love is love. Sometimes it just takes time to come back around.” Can you expound on this and the significance this phrase will play in the upcoming album and more importantly your parents?
E: With my parents, their love took its time and came back around to them. I’m grateful it did. After seeing my mum “muddling through life for her kids” for so many years and not knowing my own dad - on a selfish but deserved note I’m happy for them. I do believe we have one life and in most cases this isn't a dress rehearsal but if you’re in the line of fire for being happy you have to grab it.

JAMusic: It is said that artistes communicate best through their songs, it's really the language for them; could you talk a bit on why this is noted as such.
E: Sometimes I specifically use my songs as therapy - I get out of my ‘how I feels’, ‘what I wish I had said’, ‘what I wanna say but it may be a bit too harsh sans melody’, ‘I just wanna feel happy’. I believe that melody is a transformer of energy also.

JAMusic: With Love Like Ours inevitably getting rotation on local and international radio stations what insight can you give on the power of music and its ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally? And what do you think your music represent?
E: I always sing about love. Always - in a realistic way. Relationships, self esteem, et al but as I grow and get older its becoming a necessity to stand firm in self love, love for each other and all other types of love. We do need LOVE in all its formats and we need it in bundles and bundles. Love Like Ours and this album is just my contribution to that thought.

JAMusic:  We live in an era where music lives and dies quickly as a plethora of singles are released daily. What are you doing differently that will hold their attention/ear?
E: Making great resonating truthful music and quality content.

JAmusic: Any final words?
E: Love Like Ours is out now streaming everywhere! Look for the album in Fall. See you on the road soon and be sure to stay tuned to my socials: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and 

Estelle’s single is available for download and streaming here:

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