icon Lubica: Contemporary meets Bold After completing her degree in fashion designing at Ryerson University, Slovakian native Lubica decided to create her own fashion line. Given her name, which means "love", the contemporary women's clothing line LUBICA was born which offers ...
icon Trinidad Reggae Global Report After living in Jamaica for 3 years, I initially thought that returning home to Trinidad would be a culture shock, having fallen deeply in love with Jamaican food, culture and music. However, after being home for a few days, I started to qu...
icon Dr.Spice: Kareece visits the Doctor Twenty seven year old Kareece Lawrence is not your average… anything really. Spend five minutes with her and it its plain to see that her frank no-nonsense attitude serves her well as a booking agent for Headline Entertainment, where she ...
icon Farmville Jamaica Live Reaping What We Sow In an economic climate where many of Jamaica's natural resources are being sold to the highest bidder, the nation is struggling to be self sufficient. Agriculture in Jamaica is not as strong as it once was, however, a new programme, 'Farmvi...
icon Dirty South Dancehall in Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia is a home away from Yard for many Jamaicans and children of such decent. The city has long been a hub for West Indians migrants, and hosts one of the strongest Jamaican communities in the United States. Throughout the south...
icon Estonia Reggae Global Report Reggae music is reaching everywhere. In Estonia, it was possible to listen to reggae-influenced music from as early as the 70s. A strong reggae community emerged in the 90s when Estonia got its independence back. Then, people started to use...



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