Potwah Restaurant: Authentically Jamaican Image

by Jordane Delahaye and Garfene Grandison

Tucked away in a quaint location at 8 Hillview Avenue, is one of Jamaica's tastiest hidden treasures, Potwah. The restaurant is not yet well known, but if it continues on the same delectable path, the owners will soon have more mouths to feed than they bargained for.

Potwah has two main dining areas, an outdoor deck naturally called 'Outa-Doa' and a small dining room called the 'Butchery', which seats up to 20 people. The restaurant also boasts a fully stocked sports bar furnished with 3 LED monitors and a 36 inch screen in the dining area. Potwah redefines the term "dinner and a movie" as it serves up a wide array of movies along with your meal.

And what a meal! We were expecting the usual Jamaican dishes, but we were instead treated to tastes from out of this world.

We started off with barbeque wings with a side of fried plantains for appetizer that were savoury and satisfying. Potwah also offers saltfish fritters, which sends you into a nostalgic coma as you are reminded of the ones grandma or mommy use to make. Next up was the main course, accompanied by the new house wine, Nvy, which you can only get at the restaurant. The chicken rundown, lobster rundown and shrimp rundown have completely unique
tastes and each will have your taste buds doing a different dance. In fact, the chicken rundown, which is the restaurant's signature dish, is also an award-winning creation.

Potwah offers a wide variety of mouthwatering meals, from soups and salads to special, locale-based treats. The 'Hellshire' section of the menu caters to seafood lovers and you will find jerked food in 'Portland'. There is also 'Spur Tree', 'Faith's Pen', and other goodies can be found 'Island-wide'. The dessert menu offers delectable treats from potato pudding to Devon House ice-cream to hot chocolate.

The head chef, David, or chef 'Sort Out' as he is fondly called, only uses natural, authentically Jamaican ingredients.
He is an international level chef who has represented Jamaica at numerous competitions and all his dishes
are presented and taste like they are being served to a judging panel. He has worked at hotels all across the island,
including the Terra Nova. All meals are prepared as the orders get to the kitchen, so there is a little waiting time, but you can occupy yourself with the flat screen televisions.

With food so delicious, you would think that the prices would be sky high. Rather the restaurant is reasonable
and you are unlikely to get these flavours for such prices anywhere else.

Potwah is ideal for small gatherings and private parties and offers a delightful ambiance. The restaurant opens
every day from noon until "late in the night, depending on when the last customer leaves," explains general manager Candice Buchanan. If you are a lover of all things authentically Jamaican, be sure to make a stop at Potwah.
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