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"OUR ISLAND, JAMAICA" - a resource textbook on Jamaica students and teachers of Geography and Social Studies of primary and secondary schools is now available FREE OF CHARGE.

This 64-page book is laden with original maps and diagrams prepared by the author, school teacher and university professor Mike Morrissey. While some facts are out-of-date (the book was last revised in 1989) the geographical patterns and basic concepts remain unchanged. The book is made available again by the author in association with prize-winning website JamaicansMusic.com

There are two options. You can view OUR ISLAND, JAMAICA as a flipping book on line at http://issuu.com/jamaicansmusic/docs/our_island_jamaica. Or you can download the entire book as a PDF file and print your own copy in black and white. This downloadable file is at jamaicansmusic.com/promotions/Our_Island_Jamaica_.pdf . Schools are welcome to make copies of the textbook for their libraries.

JamaicansMusic.com is happy to bring back OUR ISLAND, JAMAICA using flipping book technology as a resource for learning about Jamaica's geography, economy and society.

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