icon Discover the kaleidoscopic world of Khalia In a musical climate where sounds and techniques are duplicated on a consistent basis, rarely do you come across a sound that is truly deserving of replay value. Then came along Khalia. Bubbly, strategy, witty. We caught up with her recentl...
icon 'Everything Is Irie' with Yeza's debut single YEZA, derived from the name Yezambique, which means ‘Strength and Resilience’ in Swahili, wants to liberate African minds through her music. The singer-songwriter is confident about her debut single, which was self- written an...
icon You need to know chanteuse Ammoye We caught up with the songstress to talk about her latest offering and her inevitable successful future....
icon Troydel Wallace - A new perspective on different With a multitude of artists surfacing throughout the creative landscape yearly, there are many that will go overlooked while others will shine effortlessly. Then you'll come across Troydel Wallace; an impeccable force to be reckoned with. W...
icon Tapping into the many frequencies of love with art Dip your hands into the foreverness of Amanda Mitchell's mind. "I put colour to canvas and see where it takes me that particular day. I have a vague initial idea in my head, of how I want it to look, other than that my mind empties and I go...
icon Leon & The Peoples redefines the industry-made mold "There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday.” Not very often do you come across eclectic bands such as Leon and The Peoples; but the moment you do you simply can't help but watch/listen to them in awe...



icon Selah Marley wows with debut single 'Breathe'
icon Who's that GiRL?
icon Next Up: Fyah Roiall
icon Eesah effortlessly 'Run Ova Dem'
icon The melting pot of VP Records' 'Reggae Gold'
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