icon Is It 'Too Late' For Jane Macgizmo? Jane Macgizmo is a poetic author of modern Jamaican music. Her soul-bearing singles are genre bending at its finest; inevitably taking listeners on a sonic journey comparable no other. As she stencil her lyrical process across our minds, we...
icon Yashae pulls us closer with her 'Boomerang' Meet Yashae, the Urban Pop singer-songwriter, that rare artiste who comes along every once in a while, with uniqueness that simply radiates. We caught up with the budding chanteuse to learn more about her and her debut single Boomerang.&nbs...
icon The Open Mind of Eli'Jah We caught up with the budding Reggae singer to find out more about his beginnings, musical journey and his hopes for the future.
icon Duane Forest ready to change lives with 'The Climb' We caught up with the crooner to find out more about his beginnings, his non-profit charity and musical journey.
icon This is the statement. This is the mission. 'I'm from Kingston!' The cathartic force of 'I'm from Kingston' reverberates throughout the single's entirety, leaving listeners in a 3-minute-long trance which acts as a mirror to the city's heartbeat. Though it's his debut single/video, Adiel Thomas (Diel) ha...
icon No one can 'Love You Like' Che'Nelle Born in Malaysia, raised in Australia, and living in Los Angeles, Che'Nelle embodies the essence of truly marrying cultures while being uniquely her. With a vocal range reminiscent of a young Whitney Houston and the creative delivery of Mar...



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