Ziggy Marley talks Marijuanna, Reggae's Evolution with Green Global Travel Image

by Biko Kennedy

Recently sitting with Bret and Mary from Green Global Travel, Marley opened up about Marijuanna's legalisation and Reggae inevitable evolution throughout the years.

On where to go whilst visiting Jamaica: "Get outside of the hotels and go out into the countryside to meet the people. Jamaica is a beautiful place. We still have a lot of nature, and haven’t destroyed it in the countryside. There is a lot of green. When I was there last, my eyes were filled with green. It was really like medicine for my eyes. The Blue Mountains are very picturesque. It’s like a different world when you go up there."

On Reggae's evolution throughout the years: "The evolution of the music is really about the evolution of the individuals who are creating the music.The generation of my father and guys like Burning Spear was very connected to a spiritual idea, Rastafarianism. There was almost a religious element to what they were doing. The next generation that came up behind them was not as tuned-in to that element. They were more tuned-in to the material, sexual and selfish side of things. I’m not blaming them, or saying negative things about them. It was just a shift in the generation. The continuation of the music in the future will depend on the individuals who become artists. Are they open-minded, closed-minded, spiritual, physical, materialistic or artificial?"

On his personal musical evolution: "One thing I noticed that I didn’t realize until these later years isn that Love has always been in my songs. On “Tomorrow People” there was a phrase where I sang, “If there’s no love in your heart then there’s no hope for you.” Love has always been very important to me, but I’m actually just realizing it now. It’s the type of love that is not individual, but universal– love as the most fundamental thing in life, for the progress of the planet and the people. That has not changed about what I do. I still sing about love. What has changed is my perspective."

On the US legalisation of marijuanna: " Making ganja illegal is like making the truth illegal. The truth was demonized, criticized and criminalized. Finally, they have decided to set the truth free. Once everyone realizes the truth, the whole world can legalize the truth."

On his U.R.G.E. (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) Foundation: "The only way we effect the changes the world wants to see is by affecting the children. Adults are too set in their ways, and the direction of the world in general in terms of politics and wars. We find that it is not changing. The adults who have the power to make a big impact on the world do not have the will to change this world. The important thing for us is to plant a seed in children for a better world and give them the tools not to make the same mistakes we have made. U.R.G.E acts to support education, health and the environment, in an effort to improve the communities where children live and grow. The more we can give to them, the more enlightened we can become."

You can read the complete article here!

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