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by Biko Kennedy

With a multitude of artists surfacing throughout the creative landscape yearly, there are many that will go overlooked while others will shine effortlessly. Then you'll come across Troydel Wallace; an impeccable force to be reckoned with. We recently caught up with him to learn more about his humble beginnings and his dreams of the future.

JAmusic: What has been the most trying part in establishing your name as a graphic designer, illustrator and creative in general?
Troydel: To be honest the most trying part is creating a portfolio that was marketable for people to buy into. No one is willing to pay if you are not of a certain standard of quality. So, I find myself practicing alot to build my portfolio. Which is what it should be, if you are going to be great you have to put in the work.

JAmusic: As a creative individual, you have to be faithful to your own vision, to art and self-expression. Have you ever been faced with a situation where your artistic morality was challenged? If ever you were how would you handle it?
Troydel: In a way, yes and no. I have been in situations where I have to do what is expected but that is where I separate my own work from commission. As an artist, you must always make time for yourself.  So yes, I have been in that situation but that is where I create work that I am emotionally attached to. That work is an extension of yourself and is incorruptible.

JAmusic: What is the greatest lesson learnt from Edna Manley College of The Visual and Performing Arts?Troydel: My greatest lesson learnt from Edna Manley is the lesson of endurance. There is alot of drawbacks and disappointment at Edna Manley; it’s the same with the real world. You learn how to be different but I think the most valuable lesson is endurance because art is a process with no finish line.

JAmusic: There are varying views depicting what makes a piece creative; for some it's important that the artist have something to say. What do you try to say with your pieces?
Troydel: I leave my pieces for people to interpret. There are numerous symbolisms in these work that are left for the viewers to see. Yes, there is a meaning behind every work and no piece have the same meaning. My work is very personal in meaning but if someone can see something else that they can connect to the work then I do not see the need to create a manual for each body of work as to how to interpret it.

JAmusic: Most recently I was asked to describe your work and the first thought that came to mind was, “making the inaccessible the accessible; reminding us that there are things we don't know, and in that not knowing, we find strength.” Would you say that’s an accurate description how you’d like your work to be perceived?
Troydel: I must say I love that response because I love to hear people find their own meaning and interpretation from my artwork.

JAmusic: Your pieces tend to carry a sense of poetry with its artistic direction. Do you see any correlations with your art and poetry?
Troydel: In a way yes my artwork acts as an extension of my personal daily experiences, what I see and how I perceive things.

JAmusic: What do you think of the following quote: “Poetry makes sense of the parts of human experience that are confusing and not decodable in any other way.”
Troydel: I believe that is true, poetry and art on a whole play a way of appealing to emotions that are often hidden within people. It acts as therapy or inspiration.

JAmusic: What is your research process like, generally speaking?
Troydel: My research process stems from other creative materials, such as music and movies to studying people on a whole.

JAmusic: What kind of future plans have you set for yourself as an artist (to accomplish and maintain)? 
Troydel: I would not say I have a set plan I believe in living in the moment because the future can always surprise you.

JAmusic: What's the purpose on your artistic journey? What's the message you're trying to give? 
Troydel: The purpose of my artistic journey is to inspire people to go after their dreams. Alot of people will tell you your dreams are impossible - it cannot be done - but you have to listen to your own opinion because it’s the only opinion that matters. I want to inspire the next generation of innovators to chase their dreams no matter what.

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