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by Biko Kennedy

We'd love to officially introduce you to Fyah Roiall. With an impassioned flow born of an observant intellect and sharp political consciousness, Fyah Roiall embodies his rich Jamaican musical heritage and is a powerful heir to conscious hip-hop rap to come. Learn more on this budding lyricist in this piece!

JAMusic: How would you describe your music to someone who's never heard it?
Refreshing, honest, demanding and will own your attention until the track is done.

JAMusic: Apart from them being timeless, what drew you to all the artistes that influence your sound?
The authenticity, the realness and the fact they didn’t need help writing their content, to my knowledge at least.

JAMusic: How do you think your childhood characteristics are reflected in your current status in the industry today?
I still got my “childlike creativity” and I know when & how fi channel it.

JAMusic: It is said that artistes communicate best through their songs, it's really the language for them; could you talk a bit on why this is noted as such.
Cause most REALLY talented artistes are introverts, heavy thinkers with lots to say, not very quick to talk but will spit the realest 16 bars you ever heard to say it all.

JAMusic : Let’s talk a bit about your single NUTN , what’s the story being the single?
Well, myself and Teflon had some new strands trying out and vibing to some tunes, SOS sent us a Whatapp message with the beat and when we played it through the speakers the song just come out. I had it recorded it the next day - basically was a freestyle.

JAMusic: Where are you emotionally right now in your life that is aligning your creativity in the direction of your singles? The direction of NUTN ?
Yes, exactly, mans feeling clear, focused, on what I’m trying to be by 30, then when I’m 30 I’ll be just as focused on where I wanna be at 60 and so on, stressing is a waste of time and so is wasting time.

JAMusic: With NUTN inevitably getting rotation on local and international radio stations what insight can you give on the power of music and its ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally? And what do you think your music represent?
Get to personally understand what the song is saying, as it’s more than just saying “don’t worry it’s gonna be alright” - yuh get me? Overall my music represents my personality and people of that likeness, it’s either my view, opinion, idea or input, and occasionally some venting.

JAMusic: A lot of new artistes, especially ones big into the SoundCloud world, keep their profiles relatively low-key. But on Instagram and Twitter you're really active and open. Is that natural for you or a choice you've made to connect with fans?
I don’t know if its normal or not, I just don’t see why a public figure should have private social media sites. I will say I’m not always willing to respond but never to be arrogant.

JAMusic: What elements do you hold that’ll define you as an entertainer as oppose to just another artiste?

FR: Well I’m a pretty good director, editor, song writer, photographer, model when needed...

JAMusic: Any final words?
Final words? No, but I can end this interview saying look out for the coming works, an album titled, “One Day” and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard in all the right ways... Also I hope to be the one to entertain a new generation of listeners, that wanna feel more than just the beat when they press play.

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