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by Biko Kennedy

"There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday.” Not very often do you come across eclectic bands such as Leon and The Peoples; but the moment you do you simply can't help but watch/listen to them in awe. We caught up with lead vocalist, Leon, for an in-depth interview on the band's most recent single and certainly what's next.

JAMusic: Music lovers globally will always be looking for that new, impeccable sound that can be looked upon as leaders of the new wave of vocalists. How would you define a musical genius that can eventually become a vocal leader?
LP: The words musical genius are not words that I would throw around lightly. I save those words for the very few that have such a grasp of their talents that it is a unique creation, not just music. They have found things within the music. I don’t believe you need to be a musical genius to become a vocal leader. That is a talent on to itself. A unique mixture of talent, personality and most of all, good songs!!

JAMusic: Some of the most genius artistes have thrived when taking chances and innovating. How important/present is that on the soundscape today; from what you've seen and that might have help in composing your singles?
LP: I feel it’s very important, especially to me and my band cause we are a mixture of sounds and genres. Constantly, testing our audience’s palette for new music. Mixing Reggae/Soul/Rock & some Pop

JAMusic: How do you think a single such as  “I’d Look On You” has impacted your growing fan base as well as attracted new listeners?
LP: New music feeds your fan base, it’s what they are hungry for and a song like our latest single attracts new listeners to a reggae beat that they might not have known they love.

JAMusic:  What's the biggest risk you've taken artistically; one that went over surprisingly well and one that might've gone over people's heads?
LP: Releasing “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” as our first single on the Spectra Music Label because it was more of a pop song than our previous releases. Luckily, it went very well. I think it was still true to who we are as a band.

JAMusic:  Who's the artiste that keeps you on your toes? Pushes you to go harder?
LP: This would have to be reggae legend Beres Hammond who produced my first ever single and has a song on the forth coming album. I’ve done four tours with him as well.

JAMusic: What's one song that you hold close to you because of a particular line or better yet what's the most philosophical quote you've heard in a song that you hold close to your heart?LP: I hate questions like this cause it’s too hard to answer. There is a hook in a song I wrote called “Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday” that I live my life by: “There is no Tomorrow without Today, so live your life and have a great Yesterday”.

JAMusic:  We live in an era where the average person's attention span is limited to what they want to see or hear. What are you doing differently that will hold their attention?LP: We’re doing what must do through social media. Giving fans snippets of songs, fun images to engage them as they are constantly scrolling through the internet.

JAMusic: With success comes a lot of negative feedback, how do you react or deal with negativity?LP: We don’t, we just keep it moving, onward and upward. Being a successful actor for so many years has taught me well on how to block out negativity and keep the ball/music moving. A lot of the negativity comes from jealousy, something I have no patience with.

JAMusic: What kind of future plans have you set for yourself as an artiste (to accomplish and maintain)?LP: Tour! Tour & Play live on TV as much as possible. If you want fans, you gotta go to them.

JAMusic:  What insight can you give on the power of music and its ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally? And what do you think your music represent?LP: The power of music is and has been proven to be endless! It can tell you story or just put you in a mood. It can put you to sleep or wake you up. It’s the score to my life’s story. It’s the beat of our lives. It can effect the way we walk & talk. It can even heal. And what do you think your music represent? Our music represents the joy, love & even the pains of life. A mostly very happy Life!

JAMusic: What's the purpose on your musical journey? What's the message you're trying to give?LP: My musical journey is my life’s journey. As an actor, I’m paid to bring characters & words that a writer wrote to be performed. When I’m singing with my band, that is all me! My words, my songs or my version of a song. What’s the message you're trying to give? So the message I’m communicating is that of Life! We all have a life, we all live our lives, I’m lucky enough to communicate my mine through music.

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