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by Biko Kennedy

Known for her thought-provoking lyricism and captivating vocal deliveries, Jah9 ventures onto a more playful and lighter side of her persona with fan-favourite Avocado. We caught up with the radiant beauty to find out more about the concept of the song and her revealing a more feminine side many haven't seen before.

JAmusic: Can you speak a bit on the concept behind the single; what frame of mind were you in when your pen started to waltz across the paper?

Jah9: Working on the New Name project afforded me the opportunity to work with and get to know Rory Stone Love and also to learn a lot about the history of the Dancehall style and culture. During that process of creation we ended up spending a lot of time talking about this history and the song is somewhat of a tribute to the 80’s style and sound. The inspiration for this song was literally an experience at the breakfast table - any body that knows me know that I’m a foodie. So biting into the first avocado of the season and how it complimented my meal was really enough to inspire pen on paper and I wrote it right there and then.

JAmusic: The single taps into the more feminine, often hidden, side of Jah9. Is this an intentional move? If so, why now?

Jah9: Releasing Avocado at this time…it is important to provide that balance because as a woman you have to be taken seriously first and establish who you are in a space where you show people how to respect you as an individual. So once you’ve established a particular level of respect then one would become more comfortable to share more personal aspects of oneself and that is the case of AvocadoHad it been presented earlier, it might have been misunderstood but the more though-provoking singles gave me an opportunity to create my context. Now we are at a place where we can freely share and not be as concerned about being misunderstood.

JAmusic: The single is laced with double entendres that plays synonymous to your creative side. Do you see where the musical climate is lacking or is in need of great lyricists that allow their lyrics to take listeners on a musical journey and not simply paint a vivid image from beginning to end?

Jah9: I think what is lacking is person’s willingness to contemplate and to introspect and to sit with themselves and to be with themselves... and because of this we would prefer to be lost in a trance of just Dance music. Nonetheless, music that asks people to truly listen and to go within themselves and to not look around but to look inside…you find that this music is being received against all the odds of what people think might not be a commercially successful but that music is reaching people on a realistic level and when we are looking on the musical landscape we see where there are those who have their focus elsewhere but the onus can’t be on the musicians to provide that; it has to be on all of us, whatever type of artiste we are, we are to contribute to raising the collective consciousness. 

JAmusic: Arguably 'Avocado' is one of the fan favourites from your debut project. Can we expect more of these geared singles being released in the near future?

Jah9: Yes, it is a favourite because it is light and playful…that is the vibe it carries - so whenever we’re in that kind of mood those types of songs might manifest but it’s really however we’re inspired that will determine the music that is created.

JAmusic: Can you give us an insight on the concept behind the video, the story you're trying to portray and the intended reaction you want viewers to have.

Jah9: The song is a light and playful one so the concept of the video is literally embodying that entire vibration. It’s about a girl that is inspired by H.I.M and whom is just talking about those feelings within the context of going through life. So I would just love this video to give people some joy (chuckles)…it’s really one of those feel good videos.

Check out the visuals below:

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