icon Talking with rising stars: Flavia Coelho We love finding new and impressive vocalists and sure enough Flavia Coelho is a must-listen talent!
icon A quick chat with Katchafire Just a few reggae bands from the South Pacific managed to bring their music and get recognized and loved far away from home in the rest of the world. One of those bands is Katchafire from New Zealand. We had the opportunity to sit f...
icon Earth Kry plans world domination Not often do you come across bands such as Earth Kry, but the moment you do, you simply want to hear more! We recently caught with them to delve into their begins and inevitable successful future.
icon iakopo's undeniable journey to the top Reaching international success in Japan, iakopo (yah-koh-poh) now seeks to introduce himself to the western world by way of his new single "Supernatural".  Immersing himself in the soul and vibes of reggae, while respecting t...
icon Baked Potatoes... a band you truly need to know Every so often we come across bands of tremendous potential to shake the musical landscape and Baked Potatoes is one such band. In our in-depth interview with the band, we explored the band's beginnings and visions of the future.
icon Wailing Trees: When passion and dreams collide With a multitude of Reggae bands surfacing throughout the musical landscape yearly, there are many that will go overlooked while others will shine effortlessly. Then you'll come across Wailing Trees; an amalgamation of a band you can't help...



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icon Earth Kry plans world domination
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