icon The melting pot of VP Records' 'Reggae Gold' We caught up with Neil “Diamond” Edwards, Senior A&R for VP Records, to find out more about his beginnings, personal hand in the project and his hopes for the future of Reggae Gold....
icon Eesah effortlessly 'Run Ova Dem' There's nothing holding him back now!
icon Next Up: Fyah Roiall We'd love to officially introduce you to Fyah Roiall. With an impassioned flow born of an observant intellect and sharp political consciousness, Fyah Roiall embodies his rich Jamaican musical heritage and is a powerful heir to consciou...
icon Who's that GiRL? From her vocal delivery to her artistic point of view, everything about Shanique Brown, aka GiRL, screams "I'm here to carve my place in our musical history and there's nothing stopping me!"...
icon Is It 'Too Late' For Jane Macgizmo? Jane Macgizmo is a poetic author of modern Jamaican music. Her soul-bearing singles are genre bending at its finest; inevitably taking listeners on a sonic journey comparable no other. As she stencil her lyrical process across our minds, we...
icon Yashae pulls us closer with her 'Boomerang' Meet Yashae, the Urban Pop singer-songwriter, that rare artiste who comes along every once in a while, with uniqueness that simply radiates. We caught up with the budding chanteuse to learn more about her and her debut single Boomerang.&nbs...



icon Selah Marley wows with debut single 'Breathe'
icon Who's that GiRL?
icon Next Up: Fyah Roiall
icon Eesah effortlessly 'Run Ova Dem'
icon The melting pot of VP Records' 'Reggae Gold'
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