icon Paint Jamaica; aspired to inspire creative minds Marianna and her Regal Youth team decided to make a change and create a new landmark which could drive global attention to Kingston. “Paint Jamaica” project aims to improve the identity of downtown Kingston and inner city residents...
icon International Reggae Day’s ‘Experience Reggae 360’ well received Complimenting the International Reggae Day 24-hour media festival showcasing Jamaica’s music culture, a series of lifestyle parties in different cities concluded the ‘Experience Reggae’ promotions on JulyOne where fans were encouraged...
icon KOTE ends but Artists Hope Support Will Continue The Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) Urban Art Festival is the largest showcase of its kind in the Caribbean. This year KOTE heralded nine days of creative exhibitions and celebrations all served under the overarching theme of ‘Balance’....
icon Things to know for the festival season 2014 Jamaica Festival 2014 will enliven a sense of belonging to the nation and reinforce a sense of national responsibility.  ...
icon Join Jamaica and The Marley Family on the Road to the Women's World Cup 2015 Beauty, athletic, and bursting with the desire of success. The Reggae Girlz football team is more than ready to head to Canada for the Women's World Cup 2015, but there's just one challenge that's standing in their way that you can help wit...
icon The Art of Jamaican-styled Dominoes One of the greatest things about dominoes lies in the fact that anyone can learn the basics rather easily and the more you play the better you become at predicting moves, assuming what’s in your opponents’ hands and of course slamming y...



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