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by Biko Kennedy

Adding a touch of elegance to your original style, Majesti Accessories is creating a niche for themselves amongst male accessories while pushing the boundaries of fashion forward gentlemen. We met with C.E.O Andy Heaven for a brief interview to learn more about the brand and its vision for the future.

JAmusic: What gave you the nudge to begin Majesti Accessories?

AH: Believe it or not Majesti Accessories have been in operations for a little over 3 months now and it started through discussions with a few friends of mine who are also fashion forward gentlemen. As you can see the world accessories is predominately female oriented and myself being interested in male accessories thought why not capitalise on the fact that there isn’t much male accessories readily available in Jamaica…that, of course, is packaged with phenomenal quality. Because as you know for the most part you either have to order the pieces you like online or stuck purchasing pieces locally where you’ll be wearing an arm piece that everyone else could easily be wearing. And with the male fashion industry rapidly growing we see where there is a niche that we can present quality products for.

JAmusic: Are the pieces created in Jamaica or ordered upon demand?

AH: Some of them are created here in Jamaica but what we do are the designs and we have them created internationally but our intention is to have all manufacturing done locally.

JAmusic: Outside of following the latest fashion trends, where do you guys pull inspiration to created pieces?

AH: We are influenced by varied elements of life, pop culture and the seasons that pass - in having relevant pieces. As cliche as it may sound we look up to influencers including Kanye West, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams as they are at the forefront of influencing today’s popular cultures and quite frankly when you think about it music and fashion goes hand-in-hand; so being influenced by these musical giants really isn't a bad thing (chuckles).

JAmusic: Could you explain to us the concept of the hashtag you’ve aligned with the brand; #StayNoble.

AH: At Majesti we believe that simplicity speaks louder than anything else; which is why you’ll find our pieces to be rather subtle and standing out without having to try too hard. When we started the brand we didn’t want to simply sell accessories but to have persons partake of an experience. When you purchase a piece from us you’ll receive it in a King’s pouch with the King’s cloth and having purchasing select pieces you’ll receive a welcome letter to the Noble family. So it’s not just about the pieces but the overall experience.

JAmusic: We realise that you guys don’t have a physical store working from. Can you explain the idea of not having one?

AH: Social media is the way of the future and quite frankly we don’t see the need to have a physical store at the moment. The brand speaks to exclusivity and we want when purchases take place between our brand ambassadors and our clients they have that connection they wouldn’t have with a store. I think the affordability helps to get the word out there and it's working thus far. However the strategy moving forwarding is creating unique distribution channels and I believe once they are in place growth is inevitable.

Check out Majesti Accessories at:

Instagram: (@majestiaccessories)


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