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by Biko Kennedy

Coilies Accessories is creating a niche for themselves amongst hair accessories while pushing the boundaries of fashion forward. Learn more about the brand and its budding future!

JAmusic: What would you say the premise of the accessory line is built upon? The ideology behind it all.
C: The ideology of the line is simply this… We like hair, we like jewelry. We like to see them work together. 

JAmusic: What gave you the nudge to take this daring step to create such a line?
C: Well, we came up with coilies based on a personal need. The company has two owners, and we both sport natural hairstyles; twists and locs and we really wanted to dress our hair up, much like how one dresses an outfit up, and we had a problem finding hair accessories that we actually liked and being the creative individuals we are, we decided to just make them ourselves. Shortly after we realized that persons began showing interest in them and wanted to know where to buy them. And then coilies was born. 

JAmusic: Coilie Accessories will be seen as redefining preconceived notions of ‘statement pieces’, how do you see the vision of the line evolving over the years?
C: Preconceived notions? Hmm... well let's see. Simple, bold, easily identifiable, a timeless quality. The plan is to remain relevant in an ever-changing world, to evolve with our customers. Looking at growing from a smaller business to have more employees. We see coilies being a household name for hair accessories. 

JAmusic: What is the ultimate aim for the brand?
C: There is a deep personal relationship between a person, their hair and their self-esteem. I think the phrase “your hair is your crown” has a lot to do with our aim. We just want to help people to express themselves through their hair, whether its their daily mood or to just self-expression

JAmusic: Being authentically Jamaican will be the important notion behind the brand. How best do you see the pieces accentuating a sense of individuality once they start rotation in the market?
C: We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public... Each piece is handmade. Each customer has the ability to customize their hair pieces or purchase a pre-made one. That alone addresses the whole notion of individuality. 

JAmusic: Simplicity appears to be the focal point of the pieces, is this intentional or more so adapting to modern pop culture?
C: It is intentional. There’s no adaptation of pop culture here to any large extent. It is really is just us understanding how to accentuate a persons hair without doing too much. Coilies is also a simple brand so most of the items will reflect that. 

JAmusic: If you don’t mind us asking, how are you planning to utilize social media and digital influence to market your brand?
C: We plan to heavily use social media for our marketing. Most of our market spend a large amount of their day on their laptop and phones browsing the internet. This is the perfect platform for us to take advantage of. We are moving into a visual digital age.

JAmusic: What do you think of the new era of accessories and ushering a new sense of beauty without boundaries?
C: Just watching it unfold and welcoming the creativity of it all. 

JAmusic: How do you view the present state of the fashion industry?
C: Steadily increasing. Ever-changing trends and styles. At this present moment, a lot of persons seem to be embracing the root of their culture. Persons are embracing their natural hair and the natural hairstyle culture. 

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