'Bruk Out' set to explore the world of becoming a Dancehall Queen Image

by Biko Kennedy

Bruk Out! follows six of the world’s top Dancehall Queens from around the globe —Japan, Italy, America, Poland, Spain, and Jamaica—as they prepare to do battle at the world's biggest dancehall competition: the International Dancehall Queen (IDHQ) Competition in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Bruk Out! is the first documentary to go deep inside the real, rude, and raw world of the Dancehall Queen – from the ghettos of Kingston, to the nightclubs of Italy, to the booming Japanese party circuit.  Often criticized for being lewd and aggressively sexual, these bold and daring women have turned Jamaican street dance into a massive global phenomenon—and turned that criticism on its ear—using the shocking, suggestive, and provocative dance to assert their own independence, strength, and confidence.

The film is directed by Cori McKenna (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock), and produced by Janet Ginsburg (The Daily Show, The Onion). 

The film is in its final stages of competition but needs your help!

Check out the trailer below;

To make donations check out their KickStarter here

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