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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

The Ashe Company to re-stage their musical "Lift Up Jamaica" in collaboration with Dance Theatre Xaymaca

On the heels of Jamaica's celebration of 50 years of Independence The Ashe Company has joined forces with Dance Theatre Xaymaca to re-stage the re-scripted, award winning musical, "Lift Up Jamaica."

"Lift Up Jamaica" was originally produced in May 2000 by musical director Paulette Bellamy and the Ashe musical group. It told the story of three Jamaicans, played by Michael Holgate, Rovelta Fraser and Roselyn Williams, all from different backgrounds however they come to realise that success lies in hard work, discipline and persistence. The script delved into Jamaica's history to pinpoint the roots of much of our social ills however highlighting great individuals who rose above the circumstances nonetheless. In effect the characters showed through a strong will power to overcome obstacles, despite some instil in our psyche as a people, we can work together to 'Lift Up Jamaica'.

After initial success in the island's two cities, Kingston and Montego Bay, the musical was then taken to the United States and United Kingdom.

2012 now witnesses a first of its kind partnership in Jamaica between the two highly renowned arts ensemble for an even more explosive production. The union promises to deliver 'the theatre experience of the year' through the dynamism between Artistic Director of DTX Barbara McDaniel and Artistic Director of Ashe, Michael Colgate.

In addition to both groups' talented crew, Executive Director of Ashe, Conroy B. Wilson also invited Digicel Star winner, Sharona Jonas, who he mentored during the length of the competition. Jonas is said to be no stranger to the theatre and has proven to be a very capable singer. Wilson shared "This is just one of many surprises that patrons will see from us, in this our 50th year of independence. This musical is a must see."

Lift Up Jamaica will be staged at The Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative arts on October 17 through 20 at 8 p.m. each night and October 21 at 6 p.m. The show will make its 2nd run at The Little Theatre at October 26 and 27 at 8 p.m. and October 28
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