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FACT: While Jamaica has some stunning galleries, the internet has - and will continue - to influence how we explore, see and understand art. 

Above: art by Matthew Henry

On that note... there's been an exciting new project that recently kicked off...

"Artists of Jamaica" is set to become the largest online directory of visual artists from Jamaica- on the island and abroad. Using the power of the internet and social media, Artists of Jamaica will aim to promote local talent, get people curious about the art scene and serve as an online free-roaming gallery that is open and free to the public 24/7, 365 days a year... allowing viewers to get to know the art and the artist, and get in touch with the artist directly if needed.

With two platforms to date, Artists of Jamaica is both a "static" website which serves as the permanent directory and a "living" social media space that introduces artists on a rotating basis. The website was specifically designed in a highly visual way resonating to how we view anything visual nowadays (think Instagram, Tumblr, etc): lots of imagery and lots of scrolling. On Facebook, Artists of Jamaica introduces new talent every week but also sparks essential discussions around the state of the art scene today. Jointly, the objective is to expose Jamaican art locally and abroad.

Moreover, the platform is entirely submission based- so the artist is allowed to define themselves by selecting their work and choosing how they want to portray themselves out there... at zero cost. Submissions are sent via e-mail and we expect more as we aspire to become the definite guide to Jamaican art. 

Jamaica has a lot to offer and while we hear the word "Brand Jamaica" a lot, we rarely hear "Art" in the conversation. 

It's time to change that. 
Art is also Brand Jamaica. 

Above: art by Ricardo Edwards

Above: art by Kamar Thomas

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